Approaching every project with enthusiasm and curiosity.

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REGNIERVALDEZ has successfully told our clients’ stories through a number of high profile and influential media outlets. Our reputation is impeccable and our success is evident.



REGNIERVALDEZ has in depth experience and numerous success stories with integrating public relations initiatives with ongoing marketing programs. We approach public relations from a holistic point of view, with efforts designed to support and enhance key marketing messages.


REGNIERVALDEZ approaches each initiative with your end goal in mind, to deliver sound marketing strategy. The best strategies don’t have to be the most expensive strategies — they simply have to be innovative and focused.


At REGNIERVALDEZ we know that creative development is more than just a pretty picture or a fancy logo — we make sure that your essential message is clear and focused, and that it’s delivered in a dynamic and impactful way, always keeping an eye on your overall strategy that make your materials relevant.

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About Us

REGNIERVALDEZ helps clients succeed by providing unexpected solutions based on sound strategic thinking. We dream of what’s possible, rather than what’s expected. We know that the smartest ideas don’t have to be the most expensive ideas. We believe it’s possible to out-think the other guys because we prove it every day.

Skilled and enthusiastic – we elevate your business.

Founded in 1981, we are a full service, woman-owned strategic marketing, advertising and public relations agency that emphasizes our relationships with our clients and the long term mutual success we can build for each other when we are partners together. We work hard for our clients to offer smart, impactful and dynamic solutions to help speak to your audience with meaning and purpose.